Windows 10 – Intel Bluetooth can’t connect to devices after reboot in TH2

Recently I had an issue with my work notebook, a Dell Latitude E6540. After upgrading to the new Windows 10 TH2 version, my Bluetooth keyboard and headset started couldn’t connect after a shutdown. I had to reconnect the Bluetooth devices again to temporarily fix it.

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Intel I219-V Ethernet Connection driver doesn’t work in WinPE (SCCM)

Today I had an issue with one of our new notebook models at a client.

After you PXE-boot the device, the device doesn’t get his advertisement from SCCM and goes in a reboot to the original OS. If you open the command prompt with F8 during the boot image startup process, no IP address is shown after you type in the command “ipconfig”.

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Windows 10 – Intel HDMI Audio doesn’t work

After installing Windows 10 on my production device (with a Windows 8.1 Hyper-V VM as back-up, of course), I had an issue with the HDMI Audio of my Dell Latitude E6540 notebook. I found some topics online about setting the default format of the Audio device, such as sample rate and bit depth, but that doesn’t work for me.

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AMD drivers are not functioning properly after updating Dell Latitude E6540 BIOS to A8/A10

I updated my Dell Latitude E6540 BIOS to A10 today. After updating, the screen stays black after rebooting. If you reboot your PC, your resolution has changed and the drivers are not working anymore. Opening the AMD Catalyst Control Center gives the error “AMD drivers are not functioning properly”.

Solution: go to the Dell website. Click the Support page and type your Service Tag. Download the newest AMD and Intel graphics drivers. I installed the AMD driver after installing the Intel driver. You don’t have to delete the old driver. Reboot after installing the 2 drivers. Your notebook should work as before.