Lock screen image not showing – Windows 10 1703

Recently I was trying to apply a lock screen image with a GPO. I distributed the image to the C:/Windows/Web/Wallpaper directory and configured the Windows 10 GPO to that location. After running the Windows 10 Task Sequence successfully, the default lock screen image came up. I was using a large image from the client so that it still looks good on bigger screens. I’ve found out that after resizing the image back to 1080P, the image was applied successfully after locking the machine. Looks like a strange bug if you would ask me.


Which Windows ADK version to use with Configuration Manager 1511?

I had some issues with the newest Windows ADK (1511) with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 CU2. As of yesterday, it’s possible to download the newest version of Configuration Manager: 1511. Because I had issues with the newest ADK, I’ve asked Microsoft on Technet if we still need to use the older ADK (10.0.26624.0) or if we can use the newest 1511 version of the ADK:


Check the post mentioned in the image above to download the right ADK version when you are going to use the new Configuration Manager 1511.