Dell Precision 5510: Six Months Later

Six months ago I received an email from our IT Department. Good news, my old 3.5 KG Dell Latitiude E6540 (with a big battery) was out of warranty. The Surface Pro wasn’t announced yet but because of the rumors, I didn’t want to go with a soon-to-be-old Surface Pro 4. And I must say I wanted a notebook that I can place on my Bobby Notebook Stand.

Bobby Notebook Stand
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I also didn’t want the standard models like the E7270 or E7470 with i5 and Full-HD. Because I sometimes need to run Hyper-V Labs at customers, I wanted a High Performance machine. I took the Dell Precision 5510 with the following specs:

  • Intel i7-6820HQ CPU
  • 15.6 4K Touch Screen
  • 16 GB memory which is expandable to 32 GB
  • NVIDIA Quadro M1000M
  • 512 GB SSD

The 4K screen is absolutely gorgeous! Windows 10 scales much better in 4K than before and works great with Server 2016 in RDP. If you RDP a lot to older Operating Systems, I can recommend to scale back to Full HD. I also recommend not to sit in full sunlight because of the glare.

The device is absolutely silent in idle. Isn’t that always the case when a device is in idle?! Let me tell you that I’ve worked with several devices from different vendors and it’s not. Of course you will hear the fans when you spin up a Hyper-V Lab but it’s still not bad.

The case itself with the thin bezels, the aluminium design and the big touchpad is fantastic. The gestures from Windows 10 are working smooth and fast with the touchpad and the keyboard is solid.

So after six months I’m still happy with the Dell Precision 5510. Is there a device where I want to trade it for?! Yes, the Surface Book of course. 🙂


Let me know what you think of the Precision 5510!


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