Restful Weekends – Disable Corporate Email On Your Phone

A couple of months ago I started to work on a very intensive project with very tight deadlines. This resulted in some very long days at the office and planned rest in the weekends. During that time I decided to disable the corporate email synchronization on my corporate phone.

I always got triggered when I received a new email regarding project activities. It’s something you recognize when it’s not there anymore. My adrenaline level raised and my brain stayed active over the weekend. Questions like “How can I do task X in the shortest amount of time?” and “What can we do better?” keep popping up, even during the weekends. I disabled the email synchronization on my phone and suddenly I found more rest over the weekend which resulted in being more energized in the office.

During that time I used Outlook Web Access from the webbrowser on my phone. But sometimes you need to quickly find an email and doing the whole authentication with MFA again can take too long. So I decided to turn email synchronization back on and I disabled the notifications on both my phone and Watch instead. I even disabled that counter on top of the email app. During the weekends, I just open the personal email view and I get nearly the same results. It’s still more attractive to check your corporate email over the weekend, so I would still recommend to completely disable the synchronization.

Just try it for a month. Let me know what you think!

Enjoy a more restful weekend. 🙂

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