Microsoft Ignite – Day 02 – 27-09-2016

Day 2 of the Microsoft Ignite conference at Atlanta started early for us at 9:00. We had breakfast at 8:00 and where travelling by metro which costs us probably 30 minutes.

Below are the sessions I followed today and recommend:

  • Explore Microsoft Azure Stack “State of the Union” – Foundation 1
    • This was a presentation with a high overview of Azure Stack. Didn’t learn a lot about the technology, but some announcements where quite interesting:
      • Azure Stack will be General Available in Mid-CY17.
      • From the template deployment blade in Azure Stack, you can now easily select a QuickStart template from the GitHub QuickStart Template repo.
      • Azure RM Template Validator and Azure RM Policy for Azure Stack can be downloaded from the Azure GitHub repo.
      • You can manage Azure Pack from Azure Stack with an extension.
      • You can download images directly from Azure to Azure Stack. For example, you want the SQL Server image in Azure Stack. Now you can go to the “Marketplace” blade in Azure Stack and download the bits.
      • Key Vault, Queue Storage and the VPN Gateway features are added to Azure Stack.
  • Discover what’s new in device management
    • New lockdown capabilities for kiosk PC’s.
      • Create read-only devices.
      • Only allow specific approved USB devices.
      • Block Edge swipe gestures.
  • Learn about Windows 10 Secure Kernel
    • The presenter (Sami Laiho) takes you into a deep-dive about the secure kernel of Windows 10. Very interesting but difficult session.
  • Master Windows 10 Deployments – Expert Level
    • Interesting session with lots of deployment tips and tricks.
  • Windows Containers
    • Containers are slowly introduced to the public with Windows Server 2016. This is definitely something that I’ll work on in my home lab shortly.
    • Docker Images can be found at E.g. use the Microsoft/IIS docker image to create container with IIS.
    • The presentation slides are shared with

Between all the sessions I took some time to work with my home lab in Azure and get some hands-on experience with all the new features. You can sit outside in the sun in comfortable seats if you want. I also took some time to visit all the stands in the expo.

Tip: getting ‘free’ goodies is nice, but understand that by scanning your badge (which is needed), this company will know your first name, last name and your unique number. This can probably be used to send you information (also known as spam :)) by checking your ID with the Ignite database to get your email address. So don’t let them scan your badge too often!

Looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow! Cheers!

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