Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta – Here we come!

I’m so happy to tell you that I’m one of the 5 people from Avanade Netherlands that will attend Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta this year! We are all really excited as this is the first time that we attend a big conference like Ignite. Last year I followed a lot of online presentations from home, and the high quality of the presentations makes this the best Microsoft event of the world. Seeing Jeffrey Snover, Mark Russinovich, Satya Nadella and much more people for the first time is amazing! I’m looking forward to meet all my Twitter ‘tweeps’ as well!

All the hotels in a range of 10 kilometers of Ignite where already sold out, so we need to use the subway to visit the Congress Center. After the event, I’m going on a trip with a colleague to Washington DC and New York, because we are a couple of hours away. We are planning to stay for 2.5 days in Washington DC and 4.5 days in New York. I know, we may run out of time, but we just want to see the highlights of those places. A colleague advised us to visit one place instead of two places, but because Washington DC and New York are on route back to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, it will cost us around 200 euros on top of the flight from Atlanta <=> Amsterdam which is quite cheap.

Any tips you want to share for Washington DC or New York? Let me know in the comments section. I want to thank Avanade Netherlands for this fantastic opportunity!

See you there!

Meet me at Ignite 2016

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