Intel I219-V Ethernet Connection driver doesn’t work in WinPE (SCCM)

Today I had an issue with one of our new notebook models at a client.

After you PXE-boot the device, the device doesn’t get his advertisement from SCCM and goes in a reboot to the original OS. If you open the command prompt with F8 during the boot image startup process, no IP address is shown after you type in the command “ipconfig”.

The driver package from the manufacturer we used included a Windows 7 NIC driver, which was good for the install image. In our System Center – Configuration Manager 2012 R2 (SCCM / ConfigMgr) environment, we used a WinPE version of 6.3.9600.16384 which is equal to Windows 8.1. The “Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM” Windows 7 driver (NDIS62) doesn’t work with the Windows 8.1 Boot Image (WinPE) we used. This worked fine for older models like the “Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM” and the “Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I218-LM”.

Add the NDIS64 as well as the NDIS62 version of the driver to your SCCM boot image (WinPE). After updating the boot image, your deployment will work again.

Check the comments below as well for some tips!


25 thoughts on “Intel I219-V Ethernet Connection driver doesn’t work in WinPE (SCCM)

  1. Hi Jean-Paul

    Thanks to your blog we got the I219-V to work with our WinPE 10 environment. However we’re having real issues getting the driver supplied by Dell to install as part of a driver package during an OSD deployment. After it fails and comes up with no network drivers I can easily browse to either Dell’s drivers or the NDIS64 drivers on a USB drive and it installs instantly. Status messages in the console report that the drivers were successfully installed. Have you seen anything like this in your environment?


    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks! Can you please describe the problem exactly? Are you able to ping the SCCM server during the boot image phase (boot image driver is being used) and during the OS configuration phase (driver from driver package is being used)? Do you force the driver package, or do you use the auto apply driver task during the deployment? Are you deploying Windows 10?



      1. Pings work fine right up until after the OS is installed. I’m making an assumption there as I’ve only pinged the server shortly after WinPE came up and then once or twice after. I’m just looking at the task sequence now and it looks like it loses the network between applying the OS and applying the network settings because the system never does join the domain. I’m not sure if there’s a reboot between those steps or not so I may have to dig a little further.

        However to answer some of you other questions: We disable the AutoApply drivers step and force the driver package based on the computer model. In the SCCM console it reports that the driver package step is successful and it moves on to install the SCCM client. There’s a reboot that’s forced in that step and that’s where everything stops because when the systems come back up they have no driver for the NIC. If you log into the system (using local admin) and go to Device Manager it says there’s no driver for the NIC. This is only happening when we’re deploying Win 10. If I use a Windows 7 image everything works fine.


      2. I tested it again this morning and had a debug window open the whole time. It was able to ping the site server the whole time until the reboot to install the client. Then it dies (I’m assuming because it’s trying to use the NIC driver that’s not there). I copied all the log files to another location on the drive and will go through them after the holidays.


      3. Hi Mike,

        Sounds like when the machine starts from the install image instead of the boot image, the driver doesn’t work anymore. So it must be the driver in the driver package.

        Alright, let me know if this works for you!


  2. Hi Jean,

    I have similar issue during initial boot of Lenovo T460s using Bootable Media USB gave me an “Failed to find valid Network adapter” error. SMTS.log confirm same error and no ip shown through ipconfig. I have tried to download the driver from Lenovo site and only be able to upload to SCCM the NDIS32 parts NOT NDIS64 as you mentioned previously. SCCM console just simply said “The selected driver is not applicable to any supported platforms”.

    My SCCM is 2012 R2 and has same version of WinPe as yours: 6.3.9600.16384

    Could you please provide me the link where you download the driver?

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.



  3. Hi Hadi,

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve downloaded the drivers from the vendor website (Intel). You could try to make a folder with drivers on a USB stick and manually install the drivers with pnputil during the task sequence. That will save you some time finding the working driver.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Hi, guys, I got basicaly same issue as Hadi. I’am using WDS (Win2012R2) with custom images. Currenty using WinPE 10.0.10240 and Win10. Yesterday I’ve get a new thinkpad T460p and there is really no way to get working NIC in WinPE when booting from network(PXE). I have tried to add to offline image of WinPE a really lot of drivers – and never get working NIC after boot to WinPE. The strange issue is if I take the driver to USB flash and install it with drvload in WinPE and then wpeutil initializeNetwork – the nic start to working. It’s same driver as I’ve add to offline image of WinPE. I have also tried many different drivers from Intel – non works. I’have also tried to install Win10 without WDS from usb flash. After installation I have install NIC driver with lenovo system update tool and then export the working driver and add to offline image of WinPE – still doesnt work… The NIC is Intel I219-LM – VEN_8086&DEV15B7 . Any ideas? Thanks. Marty


      1. Hi, yes I tried both Lenovo and Intel drivers. Also I have tried add to WinPE almost all inf from intel driver CD in version 20_7 -> . I even add both 64 and 32 bits version of driver (still i know its non-relevant). I have also tried to add just single driver package to avoid any missmatch situations… Really spend almost 6 hours trying to solve this.. What logs do you mean? I have checked classic log files under windows\panther and there I can see that it doesnt recognize NIC and many tries to hook up on network… I have been thinking if there is some kind of log where can I see informations about drivers initialize during boot but dont know where to find it, if there is something like this… I also noticed strange thing (I am not sure if it is matter) I have been checking HW IDs and .inf files and can find only correct ID up to DEV part. Like I cannot find correct INF with corespond ID up to revision part of HW… But anyway newest driver for this NIC is from August 2015 i think so its not so fresh HW on market… Last idea I am thinking about is to try Windows Server 2016 + WDS – there is native dism 10.x to edit offline image files but dont think it should help… Thanks. Marty


  5. Hi Jean-Paul and Marty,

    I solved my issue with the help of Lenovo staff. Basically the issue on my 2008 Server R2 SP1 and Lenovo T460s SCCM package missing NSID64 driver. This is the post at Lenovo forum:

    I noticed on Lenovo download site they do not have individual Network wired driver for Win10 x64 but they have for Win 8.1 in addition to SCCM package ( Products&beta=false). May be you can try driver for Win 8.1.



  6. Hi, I got it. Or better to say got workaround… Actually it’s pretty retarded. In Windows 2012R2 is native DISM 6.x which is native for Windows 8.1 and earlier. When you add in WDS new driver to boot image it fail because it needs DISM 10.x . When you install win 10 AIK with DISM 10.x WDS is still using DISM 6.x ( at least in my OS). When you try to inject drivers manually to offline image of WinPE (with DISM 10) and then add to WDS, the driver doesn’t work, actually it’s not even in image itself. So I have create discover image in WDS from W10 boot image. Then add drivers with DISM 10.x to this wim file. Then re-add to WDS and boot from it – and it’s working! So actually the question is, is it possible to upgrade DISM in windows 2012R2 to 10.x? Then should be working WDS driver injection. Marty.


      1. You can use 10.x DISM in Windows Server 2012 R2 by starting it from Windows 10 media (.\sources\dism.exe).
        Ie. extract Windows 10 ISO to your temp path, move in to extracted sources directory in command prompt and type in your dism commands.


  7. Hi all, I hope you could help me guide thru my issue. we just brought in Lenovo T460. There is no PXE …. unless I get the drive e1d64x64.inf inject into my boot image (x64). Now, here is the frustration starts to happen. During task sequence running, the system downloads my wim file and apply Operating system and then reboot. Now I got it stuck at spinning Getting ready…… after I wait long enough then I do F8, there is no IP address. so this tells me this OS (windows 10) have no driver install. Could you directly me to where is the correct driver? I even try to use one for win PE driver and TP-T460-W1064 still no luck.
    Hope someone could help me!


    1. Hi,

      I had a problem where Windows 10 installation got stuck after Getting Ready -phase and the laptop (HP zBook 17 G3) couldn’t install a right network card driver for Intel I219-LM.

      I downloaded the Windows 10 64-Bit driver from Lenovo site ( , 2/11/2016) and injected the driver Winx64\NDIS65\e1d65x64.inf from the package to Windows 10 install.wim. Then it will continue smoothly.


  8. we had the exact same issue. Fix was update the boot image to 10.0 and add e1d62x64,e1d63x64,e1d64x64,e1d65x64 into the boot image. it will fixed this


  9. Hi jean,
    I am currently facing the same issue, we have sccm 1511 installed on server 2012r2 and the WinPE 10.0.10240 is used
    We bought Dell 7040 and dell e 5470 both has got the I219LM network drivers.
    Downloaded the windows 7x64bit drivers for the same model directly from dell website and imported the drivers, but when i import the drivers it reads the network driver as I217LM
    Any idea why it is doing this?
    and downloaded and injected I219LM network drivers from Intel website and still it is picking it as I217LM.
    When i start the imaging it downloads the wim file and after the “preparing network connection” it reboots the computer.
    Troubleshooting done as per below,

    Press f8 and check ipconfig, no ip address found.
    Check the smst.log file and found no ipaddress.
    Could you please help me out with this.



  10. Hi, This has been driving me mad, I have a Gigabyte NUC with the Intel I219-v network adapter and I cannot find a driver to work with my SCCM 2012 R2 with a WINPE10 10.0.10586.0 environment.

    The NUC uses the 32bit boot image but I cannot find a driver that will inject into this as they are all 64bit drivers for WINPE 10.

    Alternatively I could use UEFI which apparently uses the 64bit Boot.wim but have no idea how to boot to this with SCCM?

    These NUCS used to boot fine when I had WINPE5.0, is there a way to roll back to that?

    any help would be appreciated


  11. If this site is valid. I am having the same issue with Intel I219 Ethernet NIC in Dell 5060 OptiPlex. My Ghost Server works with every system that I have used till this Dell 5060 with Intel I219 NIC. I have installed all kinds of drivers from Dell and Intel and used NDIS 62 & 64, NOTHING works. My GHOST Server is Window 2012 R2. I have setup the Del5060 in Legacy as well as UEFI mode, updated BIOS and Firmware but no go. Till now my Ghost Server was solid. Any ideas. Thanks,


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