Windows 10 – Intel HDMI Audio doesn’t work

After installing Windows 10 on my production device (with a Windows 8.1 Hyper-V VM as back-up, of course), I had an issue with the HDMI Audio of my Dell Latitude E6540 notebook. I found some topics online about setting the default format of the Audio device, such as sample rate and bit depth, but that doesn’t work for me.

I had to reconfigure my Receiver + 5.1 Audio as “5.1 Surround”, instead of the default “Stereo”. You can find this option when you right click the speaker-icon in your taskbar and then click “Sound”. The “Stereo” option worked for me before within Windows 8.1, but with Windows 10, I had to reconfigure this setting. After Windows Update installed the latest Intel Display Audio driver (, I had to configure the “5.1 Surround” again.

Let me know if you had these issues too!

Windows 10 - Sound Menu

5 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Intel HDMI Audio doesn’t work

  1. Yes experiencing this issue with Dell Optiplex machines using the HD Graphics 4600 chipset, also noticed it slow the graphics performance terribly until a use an analogy graphics card as my default sound device!

    Hope Dell gets this resolved soon!


  2. My PC is not a Dell. I use ASUS Z97-PRO M/B. However, it is using the HD Graphics 4600 chipset and situation is very similar.
    This issue occurred when I installed Hyper-V to Windows 10. I tried to watch Youtube, but intel HDMI audio didn’t work, not only that, movie is not smooth.
    Uninstalling Hyper-V, it works well again.


    1. Dame thing happened to me, Intel HDGraphics do not send audio through HDMI when upgraded to the 1.0 versión available.
      Since this relevase IS la leed as beta, I suppose future releas es will fin the issue, úntil tren I’m staying with the la test sin 8.1 diversos AND Bloomington the update


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